Java Supreme...our favorite Indy Coffee Shop in each State!

Aside from water, coffee is probably the most essential liquid in our daily lives; just try and get between someone and their morning cup!

A study published in The Huffington Post shows some eye-opening facts:

55% of us would rather gain ten pounds than give up coffee for life.

52% of us would rather skip their morning shower (ick) than skip their morning coffee.

So yeah, our coffee love is serious. With 400 million cups consumed each and every day, its hardly surprising at the popularity of places like Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts. But there are plenty of folks who would rather enjoy their latte' at a place a little less "corporate." To that end, the number of independent coffee houses been increasing every year: currently, there are about 55,000 of them, up 2% from last year. Here's a list of favorites across the country.

1. ALABAMA: O'Henry's Coffees - Birmingham

A retired orthodontist opened the shop in 1993 for the simple reason that he couldn't find a decent cup of joe in the city. And the South will indeed "rise again" after sampling this shop's specialty Gibraltar Quad Shot: four hits of espresso with just a dab of milk.

2. ALASKA: 12100 Coffee and Communitas - Anchorage

The fireplace and plush chairs encourage you to come in from the cold. The great coffee, quiet vibe and cinnamon buns encourage you to stay. Plus, you get your brew in a real mug, versus a paper cup.

3. ARIZONA: Cartel Coffee Lab - Phoenix

When you're not looking at the great view, turn your attention to the hipster taxidermy on the wall. Many of the locals consider the beans used here the best in the city. And true to its desert locale, they offer an "Agave Latte."

4. ARKANSAS: Mud Street Cafe - Eureka

Housed in a building dating to the 1880s, the shop takes its name from their street which (used to) flood. Get it? Fresh roasted coffees and teas (no tea bags here) are enjoyed in a setting of Victorian carpets and deep chairs.

5. CALIFORNIA: Go Get 'Em Tiger - Los Angeles

Just as hip as you'd expect. But people line up for the quality coffee drinks, like Ethiopian Espresso. No surprise - the place was founded by two champion baristas.

6. COLORADO: Happy Trails - Nederland

Bring in a packet of Sanka to this minimalist coffee shop and you might get slapped. They feature top-quality beans and brewing methods, like the Toddy system: used for iced coffees, this hourglass-shaped brewer requires 18 hours to complete the drip process.

7. CONNECTICUT: J. Rene' Coffee Roasters - West Hartford

They bill themselves as "artisanal coffee gathering place" - and boy, is it ever. They roast insanely complicated beans, and offer them brewed in three distinct ways: by siphon, French press and Chemex. Of course, every cup is better with a pastry - they offer those, too.

8. DELAWARE: BrewHaHa! - Wilmington

Residents of the First State have voted theirs the "best coffee" for 20 years in a row. The vibe is reminiscent of a warm, friendly Tuscany cafe, with baristas who whip up impressive "latte' art." The shop is so popular that they've opened other locations in the Brandywine Valley.

9. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: La Colombe Torrefaction

It's tucked away in an alley, but well worth the hunt. Regulars show up for the macchiatos - and pretty much anything else. The baristas are top-shelf and into their work, often breaking into song when their favorite song comes over the speakers.

10. FLORIDA: Panther Coffee - Miami

The amazing artwork on the walls dazzles the eye, while their interesting roasts dazzle the palate. The shop is devoted to seeking out under-the-radar beans, and being environmentally-and-socially responsible at every step of the process.

11. GEORGIA: Octane - Atlanta

It consistently ranks on the city's "best of" list and has been listed among the best coffee houses by Travel & Leisure. Besides outstanding brews, they also feature amazing local art in the airy space.

12. HAWAII: Morning Brew - Kailua, Oahu

As if having your morning espresso in Paradise isn't awesome enough. The island favorite offers a variety of organic coffees and teas, delicious food during the day and live music (not regularly, but often enough).

13. IDAHO: Flying M Coffee - Boise

This quirky shop is known for having the best baristas in the city. They also have a side business in oddball gifts. Fun decor, plenty of seating and a friendly vibe.

14. ILLINOIS: Ipsento - Chicago

One of the few coffee shops in the Windy City that roasts its beans on site. It's a great place to just hang out, but if you want more, they hold coffee education classes, too.

15. INDIANA: Calvin Fletcher's Coffee Company - Indianapolis

This coffee house has a mission: it donates its profits to non-profits in the city, and has a plan to give even more money away to help the community. The shop's support for community extends to local artists, musicians and poets who are regularly featured.

16. IOWA: Mars Cafe - Des Moines

Yes, you can get a latte' on Mars. This space-themed cafe offers fair trade local roasts, lots of local artwork and a seating area with fantastic views of the downtown area.

17. KANSAS: PT's At the Crossroads - Kansas City

PT's as been around for years in Topeka, and recently opened this location in KC. There's plenty of seating inside and out, giving you a nice place to savor the excellent coffee drinks that have made them a leader in this part of the country for decades.

18. KENTUCKY: Third Street Stuff and Coffee - Lexington

If the espresso doesn't open your eyes, the bright, fun and funky decor should do it. They serve fair trade organic brews, and you can also purchase art and gifts made by the (very) creative owner.

19. LOUISIANA: Cafe du Monde - New Orleans

This landmark gets points for being one of the oldest coffee shops in the country (1862). People line up in the French Quarter for their world-famous cafe au lait and sugar-dusted Beignet. Chicory coffee is a "thing" to try, if you're so inclined.

20. MAINE: Elements - Biddeford

It combines three vital elements, namely, coffee, books and beer. This used bookstore lets you settle in with a book and a great local brew, of either the caffeine or hops variety.

21. MARYLAND: Rise Up Coffee Roasters - Easton

Set in a former gas station built in the 1920s, this coffee spot lives to convey the full story of coffee: from crop to cup. They're devoted to only using fair trade beans and "keeping it artisanal." It's proven to be such a hit, that they opened two more locations on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

22. MASSACHUSETTS: 1369 Coffee House - Boston

For more than two decades, this popular coffee house (there are actually two in the Cambridge area) has served up award-winning coffees, teas and treats. But more importantly, they've created an atmosphere where books have been written - and marriages made.

23. MICHIGAN: Lemonjelo's Coffee - Holland

They create beautiful "latte art" at this funky hangout. But they're just as big on the kind of art created by locals; it's everywhere. Lemonjello's is devoted to community, and only brews local coffee.

24. MINNESOTA: Spyhouse Coffee Roasters - Minneapolis

So popular, they have four locations around the city. Their newest location is located in a historic section of NE Minneapolis, and has a rustic yet artsy vibe. The cafe features "functional antiques," like a restored vintage roaster.

25. MISSISSIPPI: Steampunk Coffee Roasters - Natchez

For starters, it's located in a restored brick cabin from the 1800s. For next, they don't call themselves "Steampunk" for nothing: employees often dress in that style. So it's an interesting vibe that compliments the great brews being served up.

26. MISSOURI: Oddly Correct - Kansas City

It's sort of the "punk rocker" of coffee houses. Poured concrete and wood from old pallets form the counters. A deejay plays records in the morning. If you like a specific brew, you can purchase a bag of it that's stenciled with funny little illustrations.

27. MONTANA: Crooked Tree Coffee and Cakes - Great Falls

Two sisters opened up this doubly delicious business. Not only can you get craft coffees, don't miss out on their baked goodies. Because the place also functions as a bakery, you can order up anything from a cupcake to go with your brew -to a wedding cake!

28. NEBRASKA: Howlin' Hounds - Omaha

It's a little hole-in-the-wall, located across from the Department of Corrections (!). And the quality of their coffee drinks is good enough to be almost criminal. Locals appreciate the fact that they don't offer a complicated menu -just superior quality in a fantastic atmosphere.

29. NEVADA: Grouchy John's - Las Vegas

They specialize in something they call "caffeinated happiness." In a town that needs a LOT of coffee after a night staring at slot machines, they're the clear winner. Settle in with a cup and ponder how you'll win it all back at the table games.

30. NEW HAMPSHIRE: Breaking New Grounds - Portsmouth

A cozy New England vibe surrounds this charming brick coffeehouse that opened in 1993. People love to grab a mug and settle in for a good round of people watching -- or dog socialization.

31. NEW JERSEY: Cool Beans International Coffees & Teas - Oradell

A rotating lineup of six coffees, a menu designed as "food for the soul" and programs including specials for folks who show up on their motorcycles or moms who bring their babies. You can relax and read….or play the piano in the corner.

32. NEW MEXICO: Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters - Albuquerque

The clean design complements the desert setting. They put in wi-fi long before it became standard. The baristas don't mind answering questions about coffee. But forget all that: among their expert brews, the only thing you need to know is Maple Bacon Latte. Maple. Bacon. Latte.

33. NEW YORK: Everyman Espresso - New York City

One of the coolest things about this shop, located in Soho, is that there's no menu. The owners are so into their coffee that they'd rather you tell the baristas what you feel like drinking, and they'll suggest something you'd probably never have found otherwise.

34. NORTH CAROLINA: Beyù Caffè - Durham

You pretty much never have to leave here. Start your day with an excellent locally roasted brew. Grab some lunch in the afternoon. After work, stop back in for a cocktail and live music. They proudly proclaim they've taken the coffeehouse concept to a whole other level.

35. NORTH DAKOTA: Urban Stampede - Grand Forks

Grab your coffee and take a moment to savor the quaint atmosphere of this little gem. You've got chandeliers, jars full of beans, a vintage safe in the back and artwork that you can purchase. Cool music and free wi-fi make it a perfect place to chill.

36. OHIO: Fuel Coffee Bar - Cleveland

They only brew organic coffees, and only serve made-from-scratch baked goodies. It's not fancy, but the slightly "broken in" feel just makes it that much more comfortable. Take a seat and take a break. If you're there on a Friday, they host an open-mic night. Get ready to break out your Katy Perry impression.

37. OKLAHOMA: Elemental Coffee Roasters - Oklahoma City

They purchase quality beans from all over the world, then serve it in a multitude of ways: French press, pour-over, you name it. Top it off with goods baked on the premises and a light, airy space that just invites a long sit-down.

38. OREGON: Case Study Coffee - Portland (Alberta St. location)

The 12-foot chandelier over the bar of their newest location is…a caffeine molecule. They're on the cutting-edge of the trendy "pour-over," roast some of the top beans and play great music. No wonder it's a favorite hangout for students or people taking a day off from the office.

39. PENNSYLVANIA: Ultimo Coffee - Philadelphia

Not only has been awarded recognition as the best coffee house in the state, it's also achieved "best in the US" in several polls. The baristas are true pros, and they use locally sourced milk for steaming. Although a bit small, it makes up for it in a great atmosphere.

40. RHODE ISLAND: Bolt Coffee Company - Providence

It's kinda small, tucked away in the Dean Hotel, but it gets BIG raves for its assortment of brewed drinks and baked treats. A nice assortment of magazines invites you to sit down, enjoy your coffee and take a break in this seaside town.

41. SOUTH CAROLINA: Black Tap Coffee - Charleston

photo: Black Tap Coffee - Facebook

White walls, simple drawings and wooden tables are the perfect setting for some really innovative coffee drinks, like a "Lavender latte." Warm, homemade treats and a space filled with natural light make this a destination for folks local and otherwise.

42. SOUTH DAKOTA: Coffea Roasterie - Sioux Falls

The large space is decorated as "Western modern" - which just means, it has an airy, industrial feel. The "latte art" is pretty gorgeous, the scones are outstanding and you'll never run out of interesting coffee options to keep you up at night. PS - their beans have been nationally (and positively) reviewed.

43. TENNESSEE: Barista Parlor - Nashville

It's located in an old transmission shop, decorated with local art and cool vintage items like wooden cola cases. Along with great coffee, they also offer a menu of Southern "bites" - and craft chocolate.

44. TEXAS: Blacksmith - Houston

Despite the rustic look of the place, it's infused with rockstar attitude. Lots of coffee drinks you've never heard of (like the "B-sides" of obscure 70s albums), and they love the music of Queen. In fact, if a Queen song happens to come up on the playlist, first person in line gets their drink for free!

45. UTAH: The People's Coffee - Salt Lake City

Intimate space (but with tables outside), cool photos on the walls and zero pretension. Locals return again and again for expertly made espresso drinks, teas and latte's, and yummy pastries.

46. VERMONT: Muddy Waters - Burlington

The rustic, woodsy vibe warms up those Vermont winters - exposed brick will do that. Locals, students and professional alike, routinely pass by the typical Starbucks for this way-better brew. They also offer juices, smoothies - and your coffee in "dessert" form: the beloved Muddy's Shake.

47. VIRGINIA: Killer E.S.P. - Alexandria

The "E.S.P" stands for "espresso, sorbet, pie." And this edgy coffeehouse certainly pushes menu boundaries of all kinds. They switch up the offerings of coffees and desserts, to create a balance of sweet and savory. And a cute Boston Terrier (the house dog) calmly roams the premises, greeting customers.

48. WASHINGTON: Seattle Coffee Works - Seattle

Seattle may be where Starbucks was born, but this downtown favorite takes coffee seriousness to a new level. Hang out in their Slow Bar, which lets you sample hard-to-find brews and witness the next wave of coffee technology.

49. WEST VIRGINIA: Tip Top - Thomas

The town only has 600 people in it - but plenty of other state residents make the journey for the excellent java. Homemade baked goods, wi-fi and a totally congenial atmosphere make it a relaxed place to hang out.

50. WISCONSIN: Chequamegon Book & Coffee Co. - Washburn

Pull up a chair in this 1888 brownstone on the banks of Lake Superior, and settle in to your enjoy a great cup of coffee. There's no lack of interesting reading material: take your pick from 70,000 books.

51. WYOMING: Cowboy Coffee Company - Jackson

This rustic joint is a favorite among locals for its awesome breakfast menu (Cowboy Croissant, anyone?) and giant mugs filled with some of the best coffee and tea drinks anywhere. A great place to hang out and enjoy the scenery, both natural and people-wise.

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